The Aftermarket Effect - ADS-B

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By Joe Stanley – Parts Sales Manager for Elliott Aviation

The avionics aftermarket is experiencing an influx of parts due to the ADS-B mandate and the general upgrade trends that accompany it, like the popular Garmin G1000NXi and G5000 upgrades. The ADS-B mandate requires Do260b compliant transponders and a GPS WAAS receiver input. This mandate is causing non-compliant transponders and non-WAAS GPS receivers to hit the aftermarket in record numbers. Understand that not all general aviation aircraft need to adhere to this mandate, which is why demand is still strong for these products.

One example is a Cessna single-engine part 91 owner-operator that does not nor plan to enter ADS-B mandated controlled airspace. Many of these aircraft owners are upgrading their classic rotatory transponders to the non-compliant digital transponders and adding non-WAAS GPS that are being removed from complying aircraft. While some operators are choosing to maintain existing equipment, many operators are removing the old Narco AT-50 transponder and installing a KT-76A or C. The non-WAAS GPSs being marketed extend from KLN-89B to Garmin GPS-500, all hitting the aftermarket at bargain prices. The effect is a newly found upgrade market in a classic fleet of aircraft with contemporary avionics and better situational awareness.

Aircraft that upgrade to the G1000NXi, G5000, G600, and GTN navigators with ADS-B in and out are in a class of their own. These systems bring the highest level of safety to the cockpit with weather, traffic, and navigation. Never have we seen technology being available to such a wide range of aircraft and at such an affordable price. All this translates into busy shops and removed parts hitting the aftermarket. The G1000NXi upgrade to the King Air 200 & 300/350 series alone will translate into upwards of 100 removed parts per aircraft hitting the market. The 200 series will remove all the Rockwell EFIS 85 system/APS 65 autopilot, radars, and the entire Proline II Navigational and Communication systems, as well as any prior upgrades that were incorporated on these aircraft. This creates a great market to support aircraft that have yet to make the transition. 

In addition to supporting these airframes, since many aircraft can share common avionics parts, it creates a pool of transferable avionics for other airframes looking to modernize or replace existing failing equipment. For instance, an ART-2000 Radar works well with many flight decks and has historically been a very reliable onboard radar. This radar system, which once thrived in the market at a high purchase price, can now be found in the aftermarket tagged with 8130s, ready to install for significantly less. Another example is the Proline II VHF-22C with 8.33 spacing. Prior to popular upgrades, this avionics system had a high price tag, but an increase in supply now allows customers to purchase for much less in the aftermarket.

When a 300/350 series King Air gets a G1000NXi upgrade, King Airs not only provides the market with EFD-85, APS65, Radar, and Proline II equipment, but many of these aircraft are also equipped with the Pro Line 21 flight decks. This flight deck is much more integrated and contemporary, with primary flight displays multifunctional displays and very pliable ADS-B upgradable transponders and WAAS GPS receivers. This allows consumers to have many aftermarket options for their ADS-B upgrades. Removed from these Pro Line 21 aircraft are the TDR-94D transponders and GPS-4000 GPS WAAS receivers, which can both be upgraded to be ADS-B compliant. The TCAS-4000 Traffic system is also removed, as well as many other controllers, navigational, and communication equipment. In shops that are doing many big avionics upgrades, support equipment is available now at bargain prices. The shops must not only manage their shop schedules but also manage this extremely active aftermarket. Those that do it best do it well and do it often. This is the reason Elliott Aviation is the #1 Garmin aftermarket dealer in the world and now the #1 Aftermarket source in the world.

About the Author:

Joe Stanley has the Parts Sales Manager for Elliott Aviation and has over 25 years of experience buying and selling aircraft parts. In addition to Elliott Aviation, Joe has worked for Electrosonics/Garrett Aviation and was the owner of B&E Sales and Service. He holds commercial, multi-engine, and instrument pilot certification ratings and is an experimental, light-sport aircraft enthusiast.