New Options for Pro Line 21 Operators

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Lowest Prices Ever Gives Flexibility to Hundreds of Aircraft Owners

By Conrad Theisen – Director of Avionics Sales, Elliott Aviation

Earlier this year, Collins Aerospace announced a program that gives flexible options for Pro Line 21 operators. This gives many Pro Line 21 equipped Hawker, Premier, and King Air operators cost-effective solutions to upgrade their aircraft that they never had before. These less-expensive options still give you access to many desired features like WAAS/LPV, upgraded FMS, upgraded screens, and new software, without having to pay for synthetic vision if it’s not something you want or ADS-B if you are equipped.

About Pro Line 21 Modernization

First introduced in 2016, Pro Line 21 modernization is a Collins Aerospace program that provides NextGen upgrades existing Pro Line 21 avionics in King Airs, Hawkers, and Premier. The initial Pro Line 21 modernization package included ADS-B, synthetic vision, updated flight management system (FMS), WAAS/LPV, and the latest Integrated Flight Information System (IFIS). Until recently, Pro Line 21 Modernization was only offered as an all-or-nothing package.

Now, since the ADS-B mandate has passed, these operators that are equipped with ADS-B have the option of upgrading their avionics without the cost of synthetic vision being built into the package, saving them tens of thousands of dollars.

Extending the Life of Your Aircraft

King Airs, Hawkers, and Premiers have an excellent support network of both factory service centers and authorized service facilities. These aircraft also have excellent airframe parts availability. Given the popularity and support for these airplanes, the only item that could impact their lifespan is their avionics. Upgrading with Pro Line 21 modernization can greatly increase the life, safety, and functionality of your airplane.

How Low Can it Be? How Long Does it Take?

Depending on how your aircraft is equipped, the new options for Pro Line 21 modernization can be as low as $100,000. Based on value increases to previous iterations of Pro Line 21 modernization, the system can retain up to 70% of its value. Depending on equipment and options, a standalone Pro Line 21 modernization upgrade typically takes between two to three weeks.

Experience with Pro Line 21 Modernization

At Elliott Aviation, we average one Pro Line 21 modernization upgrade every month. In addition, we are an authorized service facility for Hawker, King Air, and Premier. Many of our technicians have over 20 years’ of experience. In addition, we have one-stop-shop capabilities including paint, interior, maintenance, avionics, and accessories.

Pro Line 21 Modernization can be completed at Elliott Aviation’s headquarters in Moline, IL, or their additional facilities in Des Moines, IA, and Minneapolis, MN. Want to find out more? View our Pro Line 21 Modernization page here.

About the Author:

Conrad Theisen is Director of Avionics Sales for Elliott Aviation, having been with Elliott since 1996. He started his career as an Avionics Installer and was promoted to Avionics Manager in 2001. In 2009, he led the Customer Service and Project Management teams for all in-house aircraft. He joined the Avionics Sales team in 2012. You can reach him at