Experts' Corner


The King Airs Revisited

The following article appeared in the March 2017 issue of King Air Magazine and is reproduced with the editor's permission


Five Engine Items to Understand When Purchasing an Aircraft

This article appeared in the February issue of AvBuyer Magazine. You can find a link to that here.


Overhaul or Upgrade? The King Air 200, B200 and B200GT

By Mike Saathoff Director of Sales Operations & Engine and Accessory Sales


Maximizing Cabinet Space

Maximizing Cabinet Space By Adam Doyle, Paint & Interior Manager, Elliott Aviation


Five Practical Tips to Keeping Avionics Upgrades Simple

By Conrad Theisen, Director of Avionics Sales at Elliott Aviation


Interior Refurbishment with Resale in Mind

By Adam Doyle Paint and Interior Manager – Elliott Aviation


Taking out the Guesswork

By Adam Doyle Paint and Interior Sales Manager for Elliott Aviation


Using Your Skills to Overcome New Challenges

By Greg Feuerbach - Jet Service Center Crew Chief for Elliott Aviation A quality maintenance team has experienced and reliable technicians who have the knowledge to understand the basics of aircraft maintenance. The challenge comes when you transfer these fundamental skills to a new airframe. Just like basic car components are similar in all makes and models, the way a manufacturer assembles them and the types of parts they use and tools required could be dramatically different. The same...


Get In on ADS-B Out!

By Conrad Theisen – Director of Avionics Sales for Elliott Aviation


Economic and Functional Obsolescence Part 3

Can You Fly Away Smiling in an Older Airplane? By Jim Becker - Accredited Senior Appraiser